Author Sher Singh wrote a beautiful Hindi song ‘Har pal har ghari’ in just 30 seconds


Author Sher Singh has done a new feat by writing a song within just 30 seconds, even before that he has registered his name in the world record by writing a novel in 3 hours and was in the news a lot. He not only gave shape to this song within 30 seconds but also made it complete.

This is the result of his hard work and determination. He is always inspired to do something new. The rhyme of the song is made on seeing it. The lines of the song are very beautiful which is good to read.

If a singer sings this song, it will turn out to be a very beautiful song and music lovers will get to listen to a good song. He wants this song to be taken in a Bollywood film so that music lovers can enjoy this wonderful song written in under 30 seconds.