Atalchatra’s Esha Soni & Keshav Agrawal Set to Revolutionize Music Distribution with HarmoniXchange


In a landmark move set to reshape the music distribution landscape, Atalchatra, a leading production, distribution, and marketing powerhouse in India, is gearing up for the grand launch of HarmoniXchange. This groundbreaking venture, meticulously crafted by the visionary minds of Esha Soni and Keshav Agrawal, is poised to disrupt the industry with its innovative approach.

Atalchatra’s illustrious track record speaks volumes, having collaborated with a stellar array of renowned artists such as Kapil Sharma, Arijit Singh, Jaya Kishori, Kanhaiya Mittal, and partnering with esteemed labels like Saregama, Sheemaro, Sawariya, and others. Their extensive portfolio extends beyond artistic collaborations, encompassing notable associations with various government entities, solidifying their position as a versatile and influential entity in the realm of music.

At the heart of their latest endeavor, HarmoniXchange, lies a pioneering dashboard. This cutting-edge platform empowers labels to seamlessly upload their music, enabling global distribution across leading Digital Service Platforms (DSPs). Additionally, it facilitates the licensing of songs on major platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Wynk, iTunes, Apple Music, and more. Insider reports attribute the genesis of this trailblazing initiative to the ingenious vision of Esha Soni.

The significance of HarmoniXchange transcends mere distribution; it promises to revolutionize the music industry. Central to its offerings is a suite of services encompassing day-to-day streaming tracking and a host of other innovative functionalities. This comprehensive approach underscores Atalchatra’s unwavering commitment to transforming the music distribution landscape.

As the launch of HarmoniXchange looms on the horizon, industry insiders are abuzz with anticipation. The involvement of industry luminaries like Esha Soni and Keshav Agrawal adds weight and credibility to the venture, heralding it as a game-changer set to redefine music dissemination on a global scale.

The impending debut of HarmoniXchange marks a pivotal moment in the industry, heralding a new era of music distribution. With its imminent unveiling, Atalchatra’s brainchild stands poised to not only simplify but also elevate the process of reaching audiences worldwide, solidifying the company’s status as an industry trailblazer.

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