Ashreeta Mohanty’s Exclusive Magazine, Journey High, Hits the Shelves


Get ready to be inspired! The much-anticipated magazine, Journey High, is now available. Ashreeta Mohanty’s captivating exploration of her personal and professional life has finally hit the shelves on Amazon, Google Play Books, and Kobo Books.

In this exclusive magazine, Ashreeta delves into the defining moments of her journey. Through engaging narratives and stunning visuals, she shares stories that chronicle her rise, revealing the resilience and ambition that propelled her forward. Each page offers a glimpse into her world, brimming with insights and wisdom that are both motivating and thought-provoking.

With this magazine, readers are invited to witness Ashreeta’s transformative experiences, from her early days to the pivotal events that shaped her path. Her reflections provide a rich source of inspiration, encouraging others to pursue their dreams with passion and determination.

Ashreeta expresses her joy about this release: “I’m thrilled to share my story through this magazine. It’s a journey filled with moments that have defined who I am. My hope is that these stories will inspire others to follow their own unique paths.”

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary publication. Journey High is now available for purchase, offering an unforgettable reading experience that’s sure to uplift and inspire. Grab your copy today on Amazon, Google Play Books, and Kobo Books.

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