An uncommon Man of Odisha with extraordinary achievement – The work History of Deshpremi Rishi


Adding another feather cap to his cap, Deshpremi Rishi adds Bharat Gaurav Samman 2023 to his list of life achievements as the best social Reformer. As per the official declaration by the India Proud Book of Record, the renowned social worker Dr. Hrushikesh Basant Kumar Mahapatra popularly known as Deshpremi Rishi from Odisha is Awarded the “India Proud Award 2023” as the title of Best Social Reformer Award by India Proud of Book Records on 25th March 2023 as the title of Best social reformer.

Awards and Recognitions – Deshpremi Rishi

Bharat Gaurav Sanman 2023

Rashtriya Pratishtha Award 2023

Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2023 by India News Index

Top 100 leaders in Glantor X Magazine in

Top 100 Educator in Foxclues Magazine by India Prime Awards 2023

Deshpremi Rishi, a social activist with a long list of accomplishments, is also the director of the Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Foundation and a World Peace Ambassador (Bhubaneswar). He also introduced the Prithviraj Dibyang Swabalambi Yojana, which he used to help physically challenged people who were also economically underprivileged. In recognition of his outstanding work, standout performance, and remarkable role in the humanitarian and social work fields, he is also a multiple Award winner and has received an honorary doctorate from numerous reputable organizations.

Deshpremi Rishi, who has a love for the environment, celebrated his birthday in Mathura last year in a special way by planting 1000 trees. He also set a world record with Harvard World Records on November 17, 2022, by planting the most medicinal herbs in a day.

Additionally, he is the founder and chairman of the well-known charitable organization “PRAYASH,” which aims to increase the amount of greenery in the world and provide food, clothing, and other essentials to the underprivileged and needy.

Needless to say, with 1.3 billion people, India is a developing country with a bizarre mix of socioeconomic, cultural, and geographic populations. It’s still very much a work in progress for so many groups within its populations on a very basic grass-roots level. This bizarre combination necessitates a lot of work from social workers on many different levels. The life story of renowned social worker Deshpremi Rishi is a compelling blend of values, optimism, resourcefulness, and the ability to shift mindsets and inspire communities while working tirelessly and with a sense of altruism.

Deshpremi Rishi has achieved what many people only hope to do, which is nothing less than a life milestone that has brought honor to his family and the country. Deshpremi Rishi has a wide range of interests and is modest in his demeanor. He consistently breaks records in an effort to be better and more unique.