Actress Annu Chaudhary sparkles again with her latest music video ” Allah Ve Allah”


She sounded very excited about the song which was in the news very recently. The blockbuster music video “Allah Ve Allah” on T- Series is creating quite a buzz, everyone were awestruck with diva’s latest looks, Annu Chaudhary definitely knows her style statement with her spectacular ethnic look.

In an exclusive interview, she was in all praise for the Music Video, ‘ Allah Ve Allah’ is directed by the very popular music video director Pramod Sharma Rana whobis also co- starring in the music video. Speaking on the occassion with us she sounded very emotional, she said ” it was an emotional experience for me to film this song since my character goes through an unfortunate experience and has completely lost hope. Allah Ve Allah has a very spiritual feel to it, and I hope audiences enjoy it.

Speaking about the shooting the video song ‘Allah Ve Allah’ , the dazzling actress stated that how the entire crew and actors stood together in 6 degree temperature of cold in night in the mid of December in City of Palaces , Udaipur, the beautiful city in Rajasthan. Annu Chaudhary couldn’t stop her excitement speaking about her experience, She said” it was difficult and exciting at the same time, because you have to get out of your comfort zone to make something happen in life”

The sizzling and sultry actress came in to limelight first time with her Punjabi debut film ‘Fuffad Ji’ staring along side Punjabi superstars Binnu Dillion and Gurnam Bhuller. The actress recently shared some pictures on her Instagram feed @iamannuchaudhary11, telling about the T-Series music video. She mentioned, “this is the first time I, collaborated with Pramod Sharma Rana and I had a blast working with him, he is such a down to earth person, I have never worked with such a fabulous Director and Co- Star, he has supported me a lot”. The actress sounded very excited as she expressed herself openly and sharing her experience. She said, ” this has been one of my best and close to my heart project in my life, I have been listening to this song myself since I started working to on it, and finnally I can sing it loud. And I hope the audience will love it as mush as I did”. The actress thanked the entire team members for putting up such a tremendous effort.

-अनिल बेदाग/up18news