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Sunita Trakroo is diva finalist in 2019 held in Bengaluru. Mostly known for her beautiful look and got featured in various magazines not only in India but as international face too. She has worked with most renowned brands like Times Of India, Hindustan Times, lakme, loreal, vlcc, fivestarproperties, top renowned brands from India and internationally too.

Sunita’s star is continuing rising and she has core belief in eradicating illiteracy and creating opportunities for those who suffered during the Pandemic.Sunita Trakroo has become influential figure in eco-fashion and philanthropy. She has raised a campaign to minimise single use plastics also raised a campaign to raise awareness about the devastating impact of these plastics on environment particularly marine life and delicate balance of ecosystem.

Her middle class upbringing didnt deter her pursuing her dreams,she always dreamt of brcoming a brand ambassador for top tier brand in the world.

Her aimbition extend beyound personal success, She aspires to build international alliances that will benefit India. She has dreamt of brinnging international techniques to the Indian fashion while championing authenticity and sustainability both in Fashion and environmental practices.

She firmly believes in serving her soul and using her personality to serve the audience.