A divine discourse by Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev and “Golden Baba” at the Purvaj Mukti Dham


At this divine space in Kanpur, Gurudev, Golden Baba, and Poorn Guru Pandit Shri Radharaman MishraJi together celebrated the “Poornima Utsav.”

When it comes to Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev and his devotees at Karauli Shankar Mahadev Purvaj Mukti Dham, Kanpur, everyone often experiences magical moments and moments of profound spirituality that let them be one with the almighty. This time, as well, Gurudev left no stone unturned in igniting more spirituality among his devotees with the “Poornima Utsav,” which took place at his Dham in Kanpur. It unfolded a celestial aura, and Golden Baba, along with Poorn Guru Pandit Shri Radharaman MishraJi, graced the much-talked-about event.

The event saw not just Gurudev in all his positive spirits but also Guru Pandit Shri Radharaman Ji Mishra, who spread the power of mantras among the devotees. This turned into a spiritual feast for all present there at the event. It was a sacred ground of over 3,000+ devotees who received this incredible gift of the mantras.

What attracted more attention to the event was the presence of Saint Shri Manoj Anand Ji Maharaj, also known as “Golden Baba.” This helped add a touch of spiritual significance to the Poornima celebration at the Darbar, where Golden Baba even worshiped Poorn Guru Radharaman Ji and Poorn Guru Mata Kamakhya Ji while sharing his feelings of devotion for Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev and Lord Bholenath.

Amidst this, along with Gurudev, Golden Baba even shared his pearls of wisdom on spirituality among devotees. He even prayed for all devotees present to attain their dreams and goals in life. Echoing the words of Tulsidas Ji, he said, “Mantra Jaapa Dridh Vishwasa, Pancham Bhajan Sau Ved Prakasha.” Through the mantra, he encouraged devotees to surrender all their troubles to the divine and the revered Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev and perceive him as the divine being.

He expressed gratitude for Gurudev for his unparalleled spiritual path and how he has inspired others to follow the same, eventually spreading positivity and welfare in society. He concluded the divine discourse by encouraging all devotees to deepen their connection through meditation, dedicated chanting, and strengthening their faith in the divine.

In conclusion, Shree Karauli Shankar Mahadev performed Shiva Pooja, showered his divine blessings on all, and steered the devotees towards spiritual advancement and progress.