Meet Ashok Patel, Founder Of ‘Patel Internet’, Who Went From Electrical Engineering to Digipreneurship

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A sensational and youngest entrepreneur from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Ashok Patel is creating an unique atmosphere in the digital world. Ashok Patel is CEO and Founder of ‘Patel Internet Private Limited’ company which is an IT, public relations, and digital marketing company.

Today, Ashok Patel is a dynamic personality, a successful entrepreneur, a digital marketing expert, and more. Born and raised in the city of Doli, Jodhpur, he lives a life that is nothing short of an inspirational story for aspiring youngsters out there.

Patel Internet Private Limited is an advertising media and IT company office in Jodhpur Rajasthan. Patel Internet has its own news network, specialised in creating brand awareness, publicity, marketing, public relations, fact-checking, media, social media, and more.

While doing his electrical engineering, he came to know how the world filled with the increasing popularity of digital mediums and social media and he realized that he had a keen interest in information technology and he had many celebrity pages and even various public figures Are managing. He has also provided technical support to several celebrity actors and actresses.

Ashok Patel is born on 24 September 2005. The Jodhpur-based entrepreneur belongs to a reputed family of Patel (Vagada). He started his business at the age of 16. He is a young energetic entrepreneur who smartly works for his business. Ashok Patel owns ‘Patel Network’ consists of ‘Patel Internet’ (Company), Website Rajasthan News19 .

-Ashok Patel Jodhpur

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