Who is the last Prime Minister of India of Sanatan Dharma? When will Lord Kalki be born? Know Dr Atlanta Kaashhyap

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Kaliyuga is at its peak. The whole earth is looking for the path of Kalki Avatar. Kalki avatar will be born at the last stage of Kali Yuga. At the same time, India’s daughter Dr. Atlanta Kashyap wrote a wonderful thing on her social media account. It was seen on the post that 300 crore defamation case has been done on any company.

What he wrote on the social post is strange. Google, YouTube are full of questions about the last prime minister who is written in the Bhavishya Purana or Kalki Purana, the Bhavishya Malika of Hindu scriptures. Everyone says about him that maybe Modi ji or Yogi ji is the last prime minister. Atlanta Kaashhyap wrote, I will be the last PMO of India. And also said that ancient history definitely gave you an easy answer.

given but with 300% puzzle only. Never think that what you read in those ancient histories is obvious. In the context of that last PMO, according to Bhavishya Malika, Bhavishya Purana or Kalki Purana, the Aakhdi Prime Minister will be of 36 wisdom as well as personality like a sage.

Atalanta Kashyap wrote Northeast, According to the ancient story you have been given the big riddle, what you see is something else, but you have to break the riddle. Only I can break it. Because I know my horoscope. I am the daughter of nature. After some research we came to know that Atalanta Kashyap was born as a miracle baby. Since childhood, she lives in the world of fairies. As per her social updates she is just born in human vagina but was a powerful spirit from past.

Celebrity astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap has given many future predictions. In 15 years till now she has never failed in predictions. Her book Science vs. God is set to be published. She has completed 7 books and all will be published very soon. Atlanta Kaashhyap has that more powerful point That she is the girl of the Corona era who gave an open challenge to the world. He challenged the energies of the Illuminati and evil spirits. There will be no third wave of corona in India.

When people were facing the first wave badly and people were dying mortally. The surprising thing is that this prediction of Atlanta Kashyap came true 300%. Even vaccine injection was not discovered at that time. Today the third corona wave did not come in India. You should read Atlanta’s social update, where she challenges the world. Atlanta challenges the world only with its predictions. It is believed that everything about Atlanta is true since childhood, another thing is generally a human has 32 teeth. But Atlanta has 35 teeth. Atlanta Kaashhyap’s predictions come true when we found evidence that she has a tremendously positive energy on astrology and future prediction. We feel very proud of you, daughter of India.

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