Sahil Salathia made a huge statement with his nail art at an event recently

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Sahil had nail art on all his ten fingers when he attended Filmfare recently in Mumbai. It is a huge trend amongst western male celebrities like Tyga, Harry Styles and many more but Sahil is clearly the first Bollywood celebrity to do it.

Sahil Salathia said , ‘It is not every man’s cup of tea and every man is not confident enough of his masculinity to try these high fashion trends on the red carpet or in life! Each to his own, at the end of it all, fashion is all about comfort more than trends,so,if you are comfortable, go for it!’

Sahil is considered to be extremely fashionable and has a huge fanbase for his fashion choices on his Instagram as well. What do you think about Sahil’s look or confidence, we are digging it! Way to go!!!

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